Women's Baseball Hat with Women's Bows

3 Ways To Dress Up Your Baseball Hat

If we thought women's baseball hats should only be worn with sweats to cover up some messy hair, we would have never moved forward with the design of our Bow Baseball Hats.  The truth is, we wear baseball hats with everything: athleisure, jeans and a tee, a casual dress, a swimsuit and cover-up, a golf skirt and collared shirt, and the list goes on.  Why?  Because baseball hats are not only cute but super functional, too.  They are especially great in the summertime to avoid squinting and harmful UV rays! 

Yes, they are a good option on your less-than-perfect hair-days, but they also make a great accessory to go with a well-styled ponytail or loose curls.  So here are a few ideas to inspire you to rock your new Bow Baseball Hat:

Add a pop of color to a neutral outfit

Our Palmer Pink and Birdie Blue Bow Baseball Hats are terrific choices for a colorful accessory, even with just plain white Sailor or Skipper Snap Bows.  Add some extra color with any one of our other Snap Bows!  But if you love a good navy and white look as much as we do, our Newport Navy Bow Baseball Hat with a white bow is the perfect option to top off your outfit.

Women's Baseball Hat with Women's Bow


A casual dress with a baseball hat

And while we're on the topic of Newport Navy, how adorable does it look with a casual t-shirt dress?!  A perfect mix of sporty and feminine.  We're loving the blue and white look shown here, but we certainly wouldn't say no to, let's say, our Americana bow to get festive for the 4th of July!

Women's Baseball Hat with Women's Bow

A collared shirt and crewneck sweater

We're pretty sure you can't go wrong by adding a baseball hat to any preppy look.  But a women's baseball hat with a bow?!  Now that's just the epitome of a perfectly preppy look.  Throw a cashmere sweater over your shoulders, and you'll be all 'prepped' for chillier summer nights.

Women's Baseball Hat with Women's Bow

These are just a few of our favorite ways to dress up women's baseball hats.  But we have so many more to come!  And when you consider the interchangeability of our bows, we promise you will never run out of ways to wear your Bow Baseball Hat!