The Sweetwater Sisterhood

  • A Dream Is A Wish Your Hat Makes

    The Bits & Bows brand is so much motivated by a celebration of tradition, femininity, and creating a legacy for years to come. Beyond these, one of the foremost driving factors is the ability to provide the opportunity to establish a sustainably successful entity in our brand one day capable of giving back and bettering the lives of others, especially young girls. Our Bow Baseball Hat is the first step in making this happen.
  • Boys & Bows: And Some Other Bits

    I think most people I know found it a bit unusual when I told them I was starting a business called ‘Bits & Bows’ with my sister, Sarah.  Throughout this entrepreneurial journey, we have found that the word ‘bows’ itself seems to immediately conjure a youthful, girly idea in people’s minds.  So, considering I am, what is so commonly labeled, a ‘boy mom’, the notion that I would start a company oriented toward young girls didn’t seem to make sense.  But what many people don’t know is, long before Palmer (3 years old) and Milo (17 months old) came into this world, Bits & Bows was up and running.
  • Flows & Bows: Learning How to Slow Down with Yoga

    I don’t know about you, but yoga has been both hit and miss for me. So much focus on being present, pairing breath to movement, exercising patience and grace, practicing stillness and truly confronting what may be hovering beneath the surface. It can be a scary thought for some of us! As a 40-something who typically works out hardcore - we’re talking plyometrics, 24” box jumps, heavy weights, and overall fast and intense routines - the tendency for my mind to wander during certain yoga classes was frequent and I would only revisit warrior, crow and downward dog when I wanted a “recovery” or “active rest” practice.
  • Suspense Novels I've Read and Loved

    I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer day than on the beach, sporting a cute bathing suit and Bow Baseball Hat, with a book I simply can’t put down.  Sadly, though I wouldn’t trade it for the world, my days on the beaches of Stone Harbor, New Jersey this upcoming August will be spent chasing my 1- and 3-year-old boys around as they try to eat sand and casually steal beach toys from other families’ set-ups.

    I do, however, indulge in a chapter of whatever suspense novel I am reading as I drift off to sleep at night.  Ever since reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn when it was first published, I have been completely hooked on the psychological thriller genre.  After long days filled with boys, bows, and everything in between, I always make time to let myself get lost in a few pages of whatever I am currently reading.  This has amounted to A LOT of utterly amazing works of fiction over the years, so I’ve compiled a short list of some favorites for anyone looking for a book recommendation in my favorite genre.

  • A Super-Consumer’s Summer Style Essentials

    What’s a super-consumer, you ask? Okay, so it’s really just a glorified shopaholic. But one of the foremost motivating factors to my entrepreneurial spirit is my intrinsic obsession with discovering the newest and latest in all of the retail categories and by all of the brands about which I am passionate. Given this, it excites me to no end to outwardly seek or stumble into ascertaining products and pieces that are exciting & innovative, twists on traditional, and designed to optimize everyday life in a brand new way.
  • 3 Ways To Dress Up Your Baseball Hat

    If we thought women's baseball hats should only be worn with sweats to cover up some messy hair, we would have never moved forward with the design of our Bow Baseball Hats.  The truth is, we wear baseball hats with everything: athleisure, jeans and a tee, a casual dress, a swimsuit and cover-up, a golf skirt and collared shirt, and the list goes on.  Why?  Because baseball hats are not only cute but super functional, too.  
  • This Magic Moment...

    Bits & Bows is a brand built by two sisters.  But beyond the products we sell is the utmost ambition to inspire women to live more authentically and in pursuit of their best, truest self. Our hats mark the opportunity to express yourself in a limitless way, one that is truly only up to you.