This Magic Moment...

This Magic Moment...

Bits & Bows is a brand built by two sisters.  But beyond the products we sell is the utmost ambition to inspire women to live more authentically and in pursuit of their best, truest self. Our hats mark the opportunity to express yourself in a limitless way, one that is truly only up to you. 

Each day, we face so many decisions, and the vast majority of those, we find, are made for and in the interest of others.  Whether you are at home or the workplace, so many choices are made to serve others all the way down to what you wear. 

It is our mission to provide you with just one chance to choose to do exactly what fits your fancy and feels just right to you.  In this ever-changing and unpredictable world we live in, we want your entrance into the Bits & Bows Sisterhood to feel as comforting as a conversation with an old friend and as refreshing as the first signs of spring after a long northeastern winter. This brand is about understanding the notion that we are given this one short opportunity to achieve everything we wish to do, so there should be nothing to stand in the way of your highest aspirations. It feels like pure magic to be able to now wear the Bow Baseball Hat that was for so long only an object of my dreams, and I truly hope that the addition of the subtly feminine, whimsical bow detail will add joy to your life in its every wear.

Please allow us to introduce the Bits & Bows Bow Baseball Hat into your life to invoke a graceful optimism into your everyday life.  Let it serve as a symbol of unconditional support of your ‘sisters’ and an expression of your authentic self.  Welcome to the Sisterhood.

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