Behind the Brand

The Vision

Bits & Bows is the synergy of two sisters, Katie and Sarah Shelby, in their joined entrepreneurial destiny. The vision for our Bow Baseball Hat came to Sarah as she bundled up for a particularly wintry northeastern day in 2014. All signs of femininity visibly gone, what if her signature baseball hat could solve this problem with the simple adornment of a bow? Knowing Katie’s shared entrepreneurial ambitions and passion for fashion retail, Sarah approached her sister with the idea. Katie’s response: the bows should be interchangeable, so women can customize and change up their look.

Almost seven years later, finally geographically reunited during the pandemic, the sisters could not ignore the perfect collaboration opportunity in front of them. They decided to bring the Bits & Bows dream to life.

The Brand

The Bow Baseball Hat, their premier product, is just the first step in establishing a community and lifestyle around it that upholds the very same values as those who wear it. The product itself tangibly offers women the opportunity to enhance their look with a casually elegant, feminine accessory, so they are perfectly styled from head to bow. The Bow Baseball Hats are adorned with proprietary 3D-printed snaps, designed to seamlessly connect the bows to the hats.

Perhaps even more enchanting, though, are the less tangible values the brand strives to deliver its every customer – inclusivity, friendship, and self-actualization – with every new bow and hat combination. The door is always open to this all-inclusive sisterhood, and the brand builders behind it are hard at work to nurture community growth, both digitally and through brick-and-mortar pop-ups.