Behind The Brand

Bits & Bows is a synergy of sisterhood. Our childhood instilled in us a certain profundity in products and their creation, purveyance, & management that can only appoint mere objects as magical. Simple “things” can become so much more, and it fascinates each of us in completely different, yet incredibly complementary ways.

With a mission to inspire more magic in the every day, sister-founded company Bits & Bows creates accessories
especially for children and women that invoke graceful optimism and celebrate personalized style. From the court to the pool to the park to the green, and everywhere in between, their signature product, the Bow Baseball Hat, introduces a new outfit essential with the perfect combination of femininity, fun, and functionality. Every collection is designed to infuse a reimagined playfulness into classic sportswear. At its heart, the Bits & Bows brand is
a synergy of sisterhood, determined to cultivate more creativity, innovation, and connection with their every lifestyle accessory, and within the babies, children, and adults who wear them.