A Dream Is A Wish Your Hat Makes

hats for girls; bow baseball hats
The Bits & Bows brand is so much motivated by a celebration of tradition, femininity, and creating a legacy for years to come. Beyond these, one of the foremost driving factors is the ability to provide the opportunity to establish a sustainably successful entity in our brand one day capable of giving back and bettering the lives of others, especially young girls. Our Bow Baseball Hat is the first step in making this happen. From the day I first envisioned our hat, it was clear that not only would this appeal to my style as a 20-something woman, but that perhaps to an even broader (and much cuter) degree, how perfect a concept it would be in a slightly smaller fit for young girls. When I was younger, my outfit was errantly incomplete if it did not include either a hair bow or a hat. So the fusion of the two in a playfully reimagined way would have been an absolute dream!
hat for girls; bow baseball hat


Each little girl wearing our Bow Baseball Hat is a symbol of what we aspire to create within the Bits & Bows sisterhood, with the capacity for them to connect — over shared interests, aesthetics, and opinions —in a whole new way. They are designed to be fun, functional, and fashionable, and to invite the carefree whimsy and innocence so often only found in adolescence. Life is just too short not to put a bow on it if that’s what your heart tells you to do! And the bonus? They’re the cutest new way to shield their sweet faces from the sun, to cover up that post-riding lesson or soccer game sweat-laden ‘do, or to add a pretty finishing touch to the outfit-of-the-day. Each hat is fully customizable, and indefinitely so, with our signature Snap Bows, making it easier than ever to update the look or show some team or holiday spirit.

hats for girls; bow baseball hats


When planning our photoshoot for the launch of our Girls’ Collection, I wanted to include alongside the young girls our photographer orchestrated, the daughters of some dear friends I have come to know throughout Pittsburgh. I dreamt that all of these girls would come together in such a way that would organically present the carefree innocence and lack of judgment or predisposition found often only in children, that the selection of their Bow Baseball Hat would almost magically dissolve any uncertainty they might feel. I hoped there would be a sororal feeling expressed in each photo, and that the girls, at the very least, would prove to get along. What materialized at 8:00 am on the day of the shoot upon meeting each other far exceeded even my wildest of expectations; their sweet voices preceding their footsteps closer in presenting their own introductions so as not to waste one more moment without their friendship having formed. I think we all have a lot to learn from the little girls in the Bow Baseball Hats. With this launch, it feels as if we are starting to do just that.

bow baseball hat; hat for girls