girls wearing bow baseball hats and sun hats for girls

Make Every Day Magical

The magic begins with the Bow Baseball Hat. The Bits & Bows brand was created to be synonymous with the surreal sensation of infusing magic into the every day. Life is by no means a fairytale, of course, but we wholeheartedly believe that if you let optimism lead the way and seek out the good in yourself and in others, we are sisters certain that a better kind of life is to come. ‘Better,’ yes, is vague; but better is backed with limitless potential, achieving more fulfillment, and more presently experiencing and appreciating what it really is to live.


Now, you might be saying, that’s a big ask for a simple sun hat… but each Bow Baseball Hat is a token symbolic of the magic that comes from the strength of sisters, the power of persistence, and the building of dreams. It’s our tried-and-true sportswear staple with just a bit more of the imaginative grace we strive to embody as women in our everyday lives.


For me, stepping out at the last minute has always been synonymous with throwing on an effortlessly protective baseball hat. For as long as I can remember, its chic, clean shape has held mass appeal for its versatile ease and its minimization of the minutes required to leave the house feeling composed, no makeup necessary. No matter the season, it successfully shields from the sun, snow, and rain. The only real hang-up was its lack of femininity, its separation from the unisex section of any pro shop or sportswear store… but one day, with the subconscious addition of another of my mainstays, a bow scrunchie, and the unwritten rule-to-live-by: everything is better with a bow, the Bow Baseball Hat was born.


Born out of a childhood affinity for the fashionably fun bow in my hair, there’s something downright *special* when a neatly-tied bow enters the picture. It adds a layer of femininity, and that satisfying sense of confidence in completing an outfit missing that one final touch. And that sense of nostalgia inevitably, for us as sisters, restores in us those feelings of endless possibility and acts an everyday reminder: to never stop seeking out the magic. Our Bow Baseball Hats are an accessory to introduce the concept into every little girl and woman who wears one — that may or may not yet know it — and the bonus is its whimsically feminine, functional design. Achieving everyday grace, and accessing everyday magic — is so much easier with the Bow Baseball Hat.